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Maximize Your Savings with Solar Incentives


Red Rock Roofing is ready to help you take advantage of solar incentives. These programs include federal and state tax credits and programs from your local utility provider. Solar incentives help make installing solar panels more affordable. Yes! You really can help your budget and the environment at the same time.

Tapping into the sun’s energy has never been more gratifying, thanks to a range of solar incentives created to ensure solar energy is within reach for everyone. Consult with your dedicated Red Rock Roofing solar representative to explore the solar incentives you may be eligible for. Let’s make your transition to cleaner, greener living seamless and rewarding!

Federal Solar Incentives

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a tax incentive that promotes the widespread adoption of solar energy by mitigating tax liability. Under this credit, you may be eligible for a 30% credit on the total cost of your solar system. This program is not a deduction but reduces the amount of tax you pay. The total cost of your solar system is more than the solar panels alone. The FITC includes solar panels, batteries, installation labor, and sales tax.

To qualify for this credit, you must satisfy specific criteria. Notably, the solar tax credit applies solely to individuals who outright purchase their photovoltaic (PV) system, excluding those who opt for leasing or financing. The Federal Investment Tax Credit website offers a comprehensive guide to requirements and eligibility. 

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Colorado Solar Tax Credit and Solar Rebates

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Net Metering

Imagine your meter running backward! With net metering, any excess energy your solar system generates is fed back into the grid. In return, you receive credits on your electricity bill. It’s a simple yet effective way to maximize your solar investment. Check with your local energy company for local solar rebates.


Colorado offers solar incentive programs, too- and these are in addition to federal tax credits. Colorado has a 2.9% state sales tax exemption and a property tax exemption for the solar you install on your roof. You get the benefit of the tax exemptions immediately when you purchase your solar system since the tax is never collected.

Rebates vary by location and utility. Energy Smart Colorado offers a comprehensive listing and information by energy provider. We have listed a few below. 

Please contact Steve, our solar expert, for details and assistance in navigating rebate options. He is a pro at making the details easy to understand!

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Xcel Renewable Battery Connect Rebate

When you add an eligible solar-charged battery to your home and participate in Renewable Battery Connect, you enable Xcel to automatically manage your battery during periods of peak demand on the grid.

These events help to reduce energy demand on the electric system and avoid an outage. For participating, you earn an upfront incentive. Learn more on the Xcel website

*Eligible solar battery equipment includes Tesla Powerwall II, Tesla Powerwall +, or a SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter with a SolarEdge Home Battery.

Colorado State Sales Tax Exemption

Colorado has a 2.9% state sales tax exemption and a property tax exemption for the solar you install on your roof. 

You get the benefit of the tax exemptions immediately when you purchase your solar system since the tax is never collected.

For more details on covered components, visit or contact Steve Castarino, Red Rock Roofing’s solar expert.

City of Fort Collins

Residential customers residing within Fort Collins can apply to receive incentives for solar PV and battery storage installation. Rebate amounts are calculated based on the schedule of $/Watt of DC system generation capacity.

Visit the City of Fort Collins website to learn more.

Colorado State Tax Credit

Colorado allows an income tax credit to building owners who install qualifying residential energy storage systems into residential buildings in Colorado.

This tax credit is available through the DR-1307 form.

How to Find the Best Solar Incentives for Your Home or Business

At Red Rock Roofing, we specialize in navigating the solar landscape. Our solar experts are dedicated to ensuring you maximize available incentives tailored to your location and circumstances. We’re not just about solar installations; we’re about empowering you to make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

Ready to embark on your solar journey? Schedule a free solar consultation, and let’s transform your rooftop into a powerhouse of savings and sustainability!

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