Why Consider Metal Roofing for Your Colorado Home?

In Colorado, a lot is expected of your roof. While roofing materials are getting stronger as technology advances, metal roofing and siding continue to be the most durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient roofing systems. 

While the upfront costs are higher (than shingle roofing), metals roofs can withstand high winds, fierce hailstorms, and so much more. Plus, because they last for decades (literally), the upfront cost and added durability can save you years of costly repairs, time-consuming insurance claims, and the risk of leaks or damages associated with other types of roofing.  

Metal Roofs Provide your Colorado Home with Long-Lasting Protection. 

Colorado homeowners are choosing metal roofings for a number of reasons. Our team of experts  loves bringing your metal roof vision to life.

With the look-and-feel of traditional shingles, metal roofing systems offer you and your property many benefits. You can also opt for the more metal look, giving your home or building an edgy appearance.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Manufacturers

EDCO Roofing Logo

For 75 years, EDCO has been solidifying their reputation for excellence in the steel roofing. EDCO products have continue to advance and have solidified their place as a premier metal roofing manufacturer.  

Red Rock Roofing is proud to represent these high-quality, time-tested products to Colorado.  

Flatiron Steel Logo

Founded in Colorado, Flatiron Steel roofing products withstand everything that Colorado weather can throw at them. 

Sleek, durable, and innovating, Red Rock Roofing is proud to install and maintain these excellent roofing systems for home and business owners all over Colorado. 

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