Considering EPDM / TPO for Your Building in Colorado?

EPDM and TPO are two types of single-ply membranes that that can be applied to your building. 

What’s the difference between these two single-membrane roofing options? EPDM membranes are made of synthetic rubber, which allow for increased flexibility. EPDM systems absorb heat from the sun. TPO membranes are made of a layer of synthetics and reinforced scrim. TPO systems reflect the sun’s heat.  

Red Rock Roofing offers both options to those who have facilities with flat roofs in Colorado.

EPDM/TPO for Your Flat Roof

Does your business need a new roofing system? 

Both EMDM and TPO roofing systems have perks for business owners. After talking with our roofing experts, we can help you decide which single-ply membrane option is best for you. Our manufacturers also provide multiple options in terms of thickness and reflectivity! 

Benefits of EPDM / TPO

EPDM / TPO Manufacturers


As a leading innovator at the forefront of EPDM / TPO roofing, Firestone is providing home and business owners with the high-quality materials they need for a protective roof. 

Over the last four decades, Firestone has proven again and again that they have the consumer’s best interests in mind. This is why Red Rock Roofing is proud to work with their products. 


Mule-Hide has been in the roofing world for over 100 years! 

For those with low-slope roofs, Mule-Hide makes both EPDM and TPO membrane products, allowing you to get the best of both worlds when you’re making a decision about what’s best for you. 

Red Rock Roofing is honored to provide Colorado home and business owner’s with these time-tested products. 

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