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Max Parr

What got you into the roofing industry in the first place? Why help with roofing instead of serving in other industries?

I’m newly married and I wanted to find a career path that could provide the kind of life I want for my family. Red Rock Roofing offered the perfect opportunity to do just that.

What is your favorite part about your job with Red Rock Roofing?

My favorite part about my position at Red Rock Roofing would be that every day is different. By providing roofing services all over the state, I have the opportunity to experience something new everywhere I go. I get to meet new people, experience new areas, and see some of the most beautiful homes in our state.

In your own words, what is the Red Rock Roofing Advantage?

Red Rock Roofing is a company that cultivates success through excellence. We have a great team of roofing experts who go the extra mile to ensure the quality and satisfaction of our services. Through that, we have built excellent relationships with the community around us.

When vetting a roofing company looking at your roof, what questions should homeowners ask to determine if they’re credible?

Ask for references! Don’t ask the contractor what makes them credible, ask the clients they have serviced. Whether it be a neighbor or an online review, knowing who you are working with prior to working with them is crucial.

What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time with my wife. We love going to the mountains to camp and fish. It’s hard to beat no cell reception and crisp clean air.

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