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Josh Streib

What got you into the roofing industry in the first place? Why help with roofing instead of serving in other industries?

My family members are all in the trades, so I have been roofing on occasion since I was in my early teens. When I graduated college, got married, and started pastoring, I began to pick up roofing  jobs to make extra money. This of course has led me to where I am now.

What is your favorite part about your job with Red Rock Roofing?

I love everything about my Job here at Red Rock Roofing, but I particularly love the opportunity to meet and serve people and I also love the people I work with.

In your own words, what is the Red Rock Roofing Advantage?

That you can trust us. We have put together such a great team. I can honestly say we are here to serve the best interest of the homeowner.

When vetting a roofing company looking at your roof, what questions should homeowners ask to determine if they’re credible?

Are they insured? Do they have an A+ rating with BBB? Are they local? And my favorite: what are your neighbors saying about them?

What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?

I like to spend time with my family and I also love to fly fish.

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