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Jeanne Lowry

What got you into the roofing industry in the first place? Why help with roofing instead of serving in other industries?

I was looking for a job with a schedule that would allow me flexibility for my family and their needs. Red Rock Roofing was that job. Working with Red Rock Roofing has been very rewarding. I know I work with people who strive to provide a good service and enjoy serving our community. To have a roof over your head is one thing, but having a good roof over your head is even better. That’s why I enjoy serving with Red Rock Roofing.

What is your favorite part about your job with Red Rock Roofing?

I’m the Permits gal so I’m kind of in the middle of it all. Once the roof is contracted I get that information and pull the permit. Once the permit is issued it’s onto the actual re-roof and submission. I have the opportunity to work with both sides. Start to finish. 

In your own words, what is the Red Rock Roofing Advantage?

Red Rock Roofing works with the best therefore we can offer the best, that’s the Red Rock Roofing Advantage. 

When vetting a roofing company looking at your roof, what questions should homeowners ask to determine if they’re credible?

I would ask if the company is local, if they are BBB rated and if they have any other customer referrals. Years in service may play a key part but I also understand you have to start somewhere.  

What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?

I love spending time with my family and friends. My family spends a lot of time together celebrating holidays and birthdays. When together we always try squeezing in a good card game or maybe a board game. If I’m not socializing with my family or friends I enjoy reading or watching a movie (with anyone who will watch with me).

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