No Roof Left Behind: Red Rock Roofing Gifts Family in Need New Roof

Over the past 6-7 years, many roofing companies have become reliant on storm and weather damage to be successful, but we’ve put our focus on the character of our staff and providing exceptional customer service to ensure that no roof left behind. 

As a thank you to our community for putting their faith in us, Red Rock Roofing has a program called No Roof Left Behind (formerly Love Your Neighbors) where we give a new roof to at least one family in need every year. Whether the family has come upon financial hardship or simply has a badly damaged roof and cannot manage the unexpected expense, we are honored to help where we can.

This year we met Elaine and Henry Vazquez. Our team identified several roof problems and, after understanding the struggles they were having, acted with true integrity to take care of this family in need. 

One of the most important things to us is family – that includes our sales team and our community. We believe in helping people in need. 

We feel so blessed that we were fortunate enough this year to be able to give the Vazquez family a new roof so that their loved ones can be safe and secure in their home for many years to come. I am truly proud of my team for upholding our Red Rocks Roofing motto: Standing for Greatness

In Good Health and Happiness,

Steve Adjemian

Owner, Red Rock Roofing