Most Common Winter Roofing Problems to Watch For

The winter weather in Colorado can change dramatically from day to day. We can experience dramatic fluctuations in temperature from dry, sunny days to windy wintry weather. Because of the drastic changes in weather, this can present winter roof problems.

Ice Dams

Ice dams occur after a snow storm occurs and the snow that’s on the roof begins to melt. When water flows across the roof onto the edges, the water fails to drain causing the water to freeze again remaining stagnant on the roof. The ice remains in place and acts as a dam causing water to back up causing damage to the roof and potentially leading to water damage inside of the home.

Be sure to have a professional, like Red Rock Roofing, come inspect your flashing and ensure proper airflow through the attic. Preventing snow from collecting on your roof is one way to prevent ice dams from occurring.

Debris Clogging Gutters

Gutter cleaning is disgusting, time-consuming, and can be a dangerous job. If your gutters and roof are not cleared of debris, this can result in flooding and having issues with your roof. Overflowing water can freeze in the winter which then expands resulting in cracks in your home’s foundation. Consider having your gutters cleaned and remove any tree limbs from your roof as soon as possible and address any damage that may have occurred. Frozen gutters can also be a culprit of the gutters being clogged which can lead to a dangerous ice dam forming.

Debris can also cause unwanted critters to live in spaces on your roof. If you’re in need of gutter services, contact a professional.


Winter roof leaks can be a frustrating part of the winter months in Colorado. Fully understanding where the leaks, and what is causing them can be time-consuming and overwhelming. These leaks can not only cause damage to your roof but can lead to costly repairs to your home. Winter is the most likely time of the year to experience a roof leak. 

Be sure to have your roof inspection include the flashing on your roof. Flashing is the material that is installed at the roof’s seams. Heavy snow and strong wind can cause damage to your flashing. When this happens small openings in the flashing can permeate less protected areas of your roof.

Have your roof inspected regularly. Be sure to keep a lookout for large icicles which could be an indication of an ice dam.

Heavy Snow

There isn’t a good way to prevent heavy, wet snow from accumulating on your roof. It’s also dangerous to attempt to remove the roof on your own if you’re concerned about the weight bearing on your home. Be sure to contact a professional to help reduce the weight without causing damage to your roofing and potentially yourself when removing the excess snow.

Signs you need a roof inspection this winter

The most important sign is any obvious roof damage. Are there leaks or drafts being let in? Be sure to be on the lookout for any ice dams that are forming on your roof. Check for large icicles after a heavy snowfall and the typical freeze and thaw begin to happen after a storm. 

Always be sure to take into consideration the age of your roof. A proper inspection details having a professional climb onto your roof, checking for leaks, and any deterioration or damage.

If you are unsure about the severity of your winter roof problems, get an inspection. The Red Rock Roofing is ready to show you what greatness looks like.