When to Call a Denver Roof Repair Company

When you’re a homeowner, the occasional issue can arise. If you notice an issue with your roof, like a leak, how do you know when to call a Denver roof repair company?

Our team is here to outline when it’s time to call a professional, especially as the weather turns.

Curling Shingles or Dark Spots

Your roof, while sometimes subtle, tells you when it needs support, attention, and repair.


Aging shingles, either old or damaged by sun, will begin to slightly curl. If you notice curling shingles, calling our team of professionals is a good idea.

Roofs that have experienced wear-and-tear may have dark spots. These dark spots can be a sign of a dip in the roof (where water holds) or can indicate previous damage from debris. If you notice dark spots, call us so we can come out, get you an estimate, and make a quick repair.

Water Damage

Are you noticing subtle water manage on ceiling spots or corners around your home? Is there dripping in your attic?

For homeowners, water damage should set off an emergency alarm. Chances are, if you notice one small leak, there are others. Don’t let what could become a costly issue fester and impact your home.

Upon an inspection, a Denver roof repair expert can identify leaks and their causes. Our team will quickly find and make these repairs so additional damage to your roof, insulation, and any ceilings is halted promptly.

Sagging Portions of Your Roof

Are parts of your roof sagging?


This is not only a sign that you need roof repairs, but can be dangerous for you and your family for infrastructure reasons.

Sagging can be caused by standing water, which warps your roof and its frame.

Something, this isn’t visible from the outside. Usually, homeowners first notice sagging in the attic. Be sure to take a peek in your attic before winter arrives.

Damaged Chimney or Flashing

While chimneys and their fireplaces can being a lot of joy to your home, they can wreak havoc on your roof if they’re damaged. If the flashing that connects the chimney to your roof is damage too, it can cause significant leaks and water damage.

Chimney issues aren’t only problematic, but dangerous. If you suspect you have a damaged chimney and flashing, reach out to us immediately.

Why Trust Red Rock Roofing for Roof Repairs?

The Red Rock Roofing team has a track record of supporting homeowners in and around Denver.

Why trust us with roof repairs?


We have decades of roofing experience. From installation to maintenance and repairs, our team has seen and done it all. We’re a full-service roofing company.

Red Rock Roofing is a Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means that when we do repairs, we use only the best roofing materials.

Our clients love us! The reviews speak volumes. Our commitment to service is unwavering. You can read our reviews here.

Live around Denver and suspect you need a quick repair? Reach out to us!