Ask Residential Roofers in Colorado These 5 Questions

Are you a homeowner in Colorado? Are you looking for a residential roofing company that you can count on? When interviewing residential roofers in Colorado, be sure to ask these five critical questions – they’ll help you discover who you can trust.


Residential Roofers in Colorado

There are dozens of “quality” residential roofers in Colorado – a quick Google search will tell you that. The question is, how do you find a company that actually does excellent work? A company that customers trust? A company that communicates, provides value, and helps you select a great roof for your home?

We know how impossible it can feel.

With so many options, how does one know if they’re making the right choice?

A Red Rock Roofing, there are a few questions that we believe you should ask all residential roofers that you’ve interviewing (including us!).

1.) How Much Roofing Experience Do You Have?

In the roofing industry, experience is everything.


You don’t want to pour thousands of dollars into a company or crew with little experience.

Ideally, you want to hire a residential roofing company in Colorado that has a depth of experience inspecting, installation, and repairing all types of roofs. This ensures that you’ll get a high-quality product each and every time you work with them.

2.) What Does The Roofing Process Look like with Your Company?

Oftentimes, homeowners reflect on the nightmare that is having crews of people working on, in, and around their home.

You don’t want the roofing process to go like that, do you?

Ask how inspections, installation, and repairs work. Is there a project manager? Who do you talk to when you have questions? Does the company help with insurance claims?

All of these questions provide you with a preview of what working with a team of residential roofers in Colorado would be like. If you’re sensing disorganization, run!

Our clients say that working with Red Rock Roofing is a breeze. Learn why here. We’re all about communication, transparency, and helping our clients with claims.

3.) Do you Do Roof Repairs?


Maybe you need a new roof.

But what if there’s an emergency in the future? Will you have someone you can trust to make speedy repairs? Colorado weather strikes, and if your roof is damaged, having a great company by your side is critical.

This is an excellent follow-up question. It can help you weed out unreliable roofing companies.

4.) Are you Licensed & Insured?

A responsible and reputable roofing company in Colorado will always be licensed and insured.

This is important because it protects your investment and the crew when they’re working on your home. Being licensed also ensures quality standards, which should provide you with a sigh of relief.

5.) May I See References from Past Clients?

Transparency is key. Does the roofing company do what they claim? Reading their reviews on Google and Guild Quality will either support or negate their claims of craftsmanship and professionalism.

If a company refuses to provide you with references, we recommend finding another roofing company.


Red Rock Roofing: A Top Residential Roofer in Colorado

Red Rock Roofing is dedicated to providing Colorado homeowners with the top residential roofing services.

With decades of roofing experience, streamlined processes, and the ability to perform emergency roof repairs, our licensed and ensured team is ready to serve you. Our reviews are clear: our team is one you can trust.

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